Who we are

At Meerkats, our mission in life is to help make free enterprise work better by helping the good businesses win and the bad ones lose. Because we believe passionately that when good businesses grow, people's lives improve.

Work with us

You only need to be two things to work at Meerkats: nice and talented. We don't want one without the other.

Right now we’re filling a ‘person-who-loves-telling-stories-and-making-videos’ position. It’s not a freelance role. You’ll be joining our content creation team. We want someone with creative flair, who can edit or shoot or animate, or all of the above.

What we don’t want is just a resumé.

Show us what you can do.

Create a 2 minute video telling us your story.

Then send us a link to it at thewarren@meerkats.com.au with the subject “ContentKat” by 1st February, 2015.

Where we live

ANo.1 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco WA 6008

P(08) 9388 0011

F(08) 9388 0021

If you know the person you wanna email, their address is usually their first name followed by @meerkats.com.au